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Brand New Products in Original Packing

  • Dimension:                4.5" x 7/8"      115 x 22.2mm
  • Grit                               80
  • Configuration             Type 27 / Type 29  
  • Abrasive:                     Aluminum Oxide
  • Applications:              All Materials     
  • Max Speed:                13300 RPM

H&M ABRASIVES-USA Flap Discs are manufactured  in accordance with
ANSI safety requirement and ISO 9001 standard. They are made with
premium  aluminum oxide grain for fast stock removal. Broad grit range
allows rough grinding to fine finishing . They have along life and stay
sharp for 10-15 times longer than conventional fibre. Low noise, No
vilxition, None loading.
Cut-off  Wheel
Grinding Wheel
Chop Saw Blade
Flap Disc
Flap Wheel
Mixed Flap Wheel
Resin Fiber Disc
Sanding Disc
Surface Condition
Easy Strip Disc
Knot Wire Brush
Diamond Blade
Polishing Pad
Core Drill Bit
Tuck Point Blade
$1.30each /20pcs $1.10each /200pcs